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The power of contextual link, if done properly increases your chance to rank multi-fold. We have tested it again and again to see its effectiveness and it works wonder most of the times.


There was a time when people used to take advantage of contextual link by building web 2.0 but later, they realized it has lost its effectiveness and most of the time, they do not even get indexed.

But the question is; Have they really lost its charm?

The Answer is: Absolutely No!!!

So, What Could Be The Reason?

The reason is simple, they are not done the way it should have been. The reality is they still works great, if done properly.

When you build contextual links, there are no shortcuts; you need to take care of multiple factors which are very comprehensive and demands dedicated time and attention. Some of them are:

  • Authority Source mention
  • Co-occurrence and Co-citation Structuring
  • Creation of Keyword Centric multiple pages
  • Utilization of Descriptive Phrases
  • Using Optimal Keywords etc. etc.

So, is that all you need to increase the relevancy and authority of your website? No!!! They do form a significant part, but you need to add up variety of contextual links within web 2.0 to take advantage of it.

Welcome to C-Power


We create Contextual Links from 11 different channels and all these gets optimized keeping the above factors in mind. Lets have a look into these channels:

  • Channel 1 – Fresh Web 2.0
  • Channel 2 – Social Causes Posts
  • Channel 3 – Expired Web 2.0 Network with High PA/DA
  • Channel 4 – Niche Based Web 2.0 Posts
  • Channel 5 – Guides
  • Channel 6 – Social Brand
  • Channel 7 – Guest Posts
  • Channel 8 – Press Release
  • Channel 9 – Discussion Channel
  • Channel 10 – Full Length Brand Profile
  • Channel 11 – Full Length Posts in .edu


These channels gets powered up with Quality Tier 2 Links

  • Private Blog Network
  • Web 2.0 Posts
  • Social Bookmarking
  • High DA Forum Profile
  • High DA Contextual Links
  • High DA Web 2.0 Profile
  • High DA Wiki

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