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Private blog networks are still one of the most effective and affordable way to rank. However, one need to take additional care when buying PBN links. If you acquire ONLY PBN links over certain period of time, it might not look natural. To keep it natural and supplementing it with more power, We follow modern approach by incorporating other high quality links in parallel.

What are other QUALITY links?

With every PBN post, we build 2 contextual links in high authority websites. These are the best contextual links among article submission and web 2.0 sites; and in combination with PBN, it helps you to get the result even faster. These links power up the PBN links as well as protects it.

This is how the Work Process looks

Day 1: 1 PBN Post -> 1 Contextual link from High Authority Website -> 1 contextual Brand links
Day 2: 1 PBN Post -> 1 Contextual link from High Authority Website -> 1 contextual Brand links
and so on…

Here are some of the websites, where we build Contextual link & Brand Links

Features of PBN:

  • Average Trust Flow : 15+ (TF upto 30)
  • Average Domain Authority (DA) : 15+ (DA Upto 30)
  • Average RD : 20+
  • 100% natural indexing
  • Premium hosting with unique A/B/C/D Class IP
  • Different website theme and plugin configuration
  • Third party bot e.g Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs etc. are blocked
  • Unique and human readable copyscape passed content
  • Unique and legit looking website

The most important part is, we are making the service very affordable. It is like you are paying only for PBN links and all other links are happening for free.

We are offering 3 different package:

1. Basic: In this you will get 30 posts in total. The break up are as follows

  • 10 PBN Posts
  • 10 Contextual Post in High Authority Website
  • 10 Brand Links (Full length Contextual Profile)

2. Plus: You will get 60 posts in total. The break up are as follows

  • 20 PBN Posts
  • 20 Contextual Post in High Authority Website
  • 20 Brand Links (Full length Contextual Profile)

3. Advanced: You will get 90 posts in total. The break up are as follows

  • 30 PBN Posts
  • 30 Contextual Posts in High Authority Website
  • 30 Brand Links (Full length Contextual Profile)
The end-result is a service which power up and protects your PBN links and is also capable of significantly diversifying your backlinks. With Google scrutinizing your website’s backlinks profile carefully, you simply cannot afford not to use this service.

What is the TAT
The recommended TAT is 10 days for Basic, 20 days for Plus and 30 days for Advanced.

Do you provide report?
Yes, we will provide you complete report after completion of work. We believe that you can anyway look into the link from google console, so there is no point to hide report from you. However we strongly advise you not to build any link towards your post. If you do so, we reserve the right to delete your post. Please note that we keep the track of it, so do not do it.

How many links from a post
We do not place more than one anchor in one post.

Can I have my own articles in each blog?
Why not? You are most welcome to provide it, if you have.

Can you please explain about the content?
We use content from your broad niche and Keyword will be naturally blended in the article. We use mix of handwritten article and manually edited spun articles.

Can I ask for refund?
Yes, if we have not started the work or within 12 hours after placing the order. Once we start working on your order, we can not issue refund.

Will the link stay in homepage forever
The posts are permanent and will be on the homepage for few weeks. With new post in, the post will keep moving down. So your blog post will be permanent on inner pages as long as the website is there.

Are the link DoFollow?
Links from PBN will be all DoFollow. However other links from High Authority Website will be mix of DoFollow & NoFollow.

What if the links gets deleted?
Any deletion of PBN in one year will get replaced. It is rare but sometimes we replace blog if the domain loses link profile for whatever reason. For other type of links, we give you a replacement guarantee for 30 days.

Do you guarantee the ranking?
No, Absolutely not. There are many factors which goes into ranking a website.

How many Keywords/URLs allowed?
We can accept unlimited URL and keywords. We will be happy to use different Anchor and different URLs for each post, if you are building it just for diversity. However the ranking power will get diluted when compared with using limited number of keywords

What niche are not accepted?
I bet.. You know it. As usual gambling, adult, porn, illegal drugs etc. are not allowed.

Do you accept foreign Language website/keywords
Yes, We are good with it, but article will be in English.




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