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India is the largest democratic country in the world and second largest populated country in the world with a population of 120 crores, next to China with a strong cultural legacy of 5000 years starting from Harappa and Mohenjo Daro civilization of 3000 BC. The country has come a long way from 3000 BC to 2019 AD with many kings and emperor ruling the country. We had a many number of invasion from foreign countries(?) so-called Aryans, Huns, Parthians, Kushans Mongols, Mughals, British, Dutch, French, Portuguese etc. India has a fractured culture. In other words it ha assimilation of many cultures in the DNA of our people. From the Vedic times the people always keep the king or Maharajah, on a pedestal equal to god. People expect everything from the king from security to infrastructure. In the modern time of today, with elected representative we follow the British Constitution of upper house and lower house and with elected representative. The public expect from government for clean asphalted roads, in other words a good infrastructure, which is the foundation for a city or town to be considered modern. The citizens of this country also has got some responsibility like not to litter on the road and keep the surroundings clean. Not to throw garbage on the pavements or road, but to throw it at a designated place. Here is where our public fails, the public would litter garbage on the pavements and then blame the government for keeping the city dirty. The public also have a role to play to transform their surroundings litter free, and to keep the city clean. Public must also participate in keeping the parks(which are free in Bangalore) clean and to make sure no one creates a nuisance there. Of course the government particularly the BBMP is “the most corrupt” corporation in the whole country and I personally feel the BBMP must be closed, Anyway that is my opinion. The roads are asphalted and within a fortnight it is dug for laying cables. Is there no coordination between the corporation and the water board? or do they do it deliberately to make money. hefty bribes are paid to get tender for asphalting the roads. The people of India in general and Bangalore in particular (as i stay here) expect Government to be corrupt free, corruption is destroying our country. Public also has a role in building a modern country by participating in public awareness programs

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