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One of the most effective ways to generate backlinks is by writing articles and distributing them multiple websites. Each article of course has links pointing back to your site. Since the articles are often on authority sites, the “link juice” is significant. However the problem is that if we submit the same article to hundreds of sites, the content gets duplicated. Google doesn’t need or want 100 copies of the same article in its database. So submitting the same article across a network of sites will carry little, if any, weight. So what you should do to avoid this issue?

The solution is called “article spinning” which takes an article and through a process of re-writing each portion of the article, we create hundreds of different versions of the same article. Also note that submitting your articles to article directories is only one way to use your rewritten articles. There are many more use of spun articles which includes ‘Use as content on your own websites’, ‘Use as newsletter content’, ‘Exchange content with other bloggers’, ‘Create PLR articles’ etc.

We at SEOtick do not use software to spin your articles and we are 100% human powered spinning service. We make sure not to spun your Keywords and key phrases including any web link which does not require spinning.

Buy Spun Articles

We have 4 level of spinning service:

  • Level (1) : On Word/Phrase Level – Comprehensive Spin
  • Level (2) : On Sentence and Word/Phrase level – Super Spin
  • Level (3) : On Paragraph, Sentence and Word/Phrase Level – Mega Spun
  • Level (4) : Original+Sentence+Paragraph+Sentence+Word/Phrase Level – Spun Master

*Pricing includes the cost of original article writing.

Buy Spun Articles

Level (1)
~300 words$9.00
~500 words$15.00
~700 words$20.00
Level (2)
~300 words$18.00
~500 words$29.00
~700 words$38.00
Level (3)
~300 words$29.00
~500 words$45.00
~700 words$55.00
Level (4)
~300 words$40.00
~500 words$55.00
~700 words$77.00
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