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Practicing SEO Since 2009!

STEP 1 – Google Stack WebNet

In this step, We develop 10 Google sites (Multi-pages) using unique articles of 700-1200+ words embedded with Unique Video, New Map Variation, Google Doc, Google presentation, Unique Google Drawing, Google Calendar, Google Folder, Google Sheet etc. Different Google Site target specific set of keywords which include Main Keywords, Secondary Keywords & Long Tail Keywords. The properties of every Google Folder, Google Slides, Google Drawing are properly optimized with full length 300+ word texts and Raw URL.

STEP  2 – Buffer/YouTube

The process in this step is similar to step 1. The only difference is, we use Raw URL (instead of keywords) in Google Site and we also include one YouTube Video to funnel the link.

STEP 3 – Local Ranking Booster
(Add On Pack)

This step is more beneficial for local business or Business/Website with address listed in GMB. However, it does not mean, you must have to have your address listed in GMB to use this module. If you wish to use this module without having GMB or physical address, we can still workout on this by creating custom map of your choice of address.

In this process, we create 12 variations of Map by mapping the address from nearby location and optimize each map layer with Full Text, Main Keyword, Secondary Keyword and Long Tail Keywords. We create 4 Web 2.0 posts which embed all 12 map variations and these web 2.0 posts and map variation gets powered up again with Google Sheet, Google Doc and Google PDF.

STEP 4 – Exclusive 5 Multi-page Web 2.0 sites

We will create High Quality Manual Web 2.0 websites with unique hand written manual articles with media (image, video etc). Each website will have multi page including Privacy Page, Disclaimer, Contact Page.


STEP 5 – Google Presentation/PDF/Drawing Amalgamation


We finally amalgamate all Google Slide (Presentation), Google Drawing and Google Doc (PDF) to specialized website into the same category to gain more authority and relevancy.

STEP 6 – 10,000 Tier 2 Backlink
(5000 Contextual & 5000 Bookmark/Profile)

The purpose of this semi-automated 10,000 mass backlinking is purely to pump up some initial power to the Google Sites and other buffer sites. The numbers may vary and will depend on the need.


Features & Advantages

  • 100% Manually crafted
  • Beautifully done websites with different headers/theme
  • Minimum 6 pages (Not standalone single page)
  • Includes About us, Privacy and Contact page
  • Unique articles in each site
  • Multiple google properties embedded
  • Video creation for buffer
  • Local ranking boost up package (Add-on)
  • All within Google Family
  • Video creation for buffer
  • Local ranking boost up package (Add-on)
  • Google Hub Keywords
  • Optimization Done Even At The Basic Folder Level
  • Unlimited Keywords/Long tail keywords
  • 3 months observance period
  • Open to Customization



As one would expect, Google gives more trust to its own products. If you haven’t taken notice of this yet, the next time you look at your competitor strategy, take a look at how they uses the same strategically. To put it simply: Google trusts itself and because of this, it is easier to leverage Google’s properties to boost your own rankings. G-PowerPlay is an “advanced entity establishment” specifically designed to reinforce your brand with Google and hold the entire process together.


When we are done creating stack, we effectively create a parasite page effect that can generate tremendous results. By leveraging the trust Google has in itself, you can occupy multiple top 10 spots for specific keywords. For local market, you can take over multiple positions in your local search results and make it nearly impossible for the competition to get a footing!





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*Discount Code/Credit Coupon (if any) will appear in the next page

Q. How many URLs and Keywords can be accepted?
A. There is no limit for the number of keywords/URLs. We also recommend you to provide Main Keyword/Secondary Keywords/Long Tail Keywords and LSI which can be used for Anchor diversification. If you do not have this ready, we will take care to prepare Long tail Keywords + LSI.

Q. Can I provide my own content?
A. Yes. If you would not like to use our content and prefer to have your own, you are most welcome to provide your content and we will syndicate the same.

Q. What about foreign language website or non-English Keywords?
A. We accept both non-English keywords and non-English websites.

Q. Do you use automation tools for Tier 1?
A. No automation tool.

Q. Turnaround time?
A. The turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. If you need it urgently, you can place your request and we will do it on priority.

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