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What is Social Media Syndication

In simple terms, Social Media Syndication helps you to increase the branding and ranking on Autopilot

The set up is a network of social media, not the usual blog network (Aka PBN) you have heard of. This set up allows to automate the process of syndication of your content to reputed web 2.0/social media properties. It helps immensely to push up your Authority, Power, Ranking and gives you unlimited quality backlinks. They are meant for long terms and will keep maintaining the authority by supplying links forever. Yeah, you heard it right. It just requires one time setup and you will continue getting unlimited links forever from social media

Social Media Syndication alone has the power to push up your ranking in SERP, So Imagine what it could be when it get mixed up with so many other quality link (Like Press Release, Blog Network, Brand Profile, Social media sharing etc etc etc)

How it works?

Social Media Syndication works by getting your content syndicated across authority web 2.0 and social signal channel. So you can pick up one of the content source as Trigger Point (e.g. Your main website RSS feed, or YouTube channel, Official WordPress/Tumblr/Blogger Blog) and this becomes your mail trigger. When you update the main trigger point, the content get syndicated to associated 20+ social properties via RSS Feed.

The Biggest Benefit

  • Unlike other link building practices, where you pay every time for links. The recipe works on AUTO-UPDATE formula (Set and Forget); so once its done, you will continue getting the backlinks forever
  • These all links comes from social signal and you know how valuable social signals are in the eyes of search engines
  • All links are of very high quality and comes from authority source
  • Push Button Syndication with Safe & Fast ranking


What We Will Do?

  • Creation of branded social channel and web 2.0 properties around your main website
  • The entire process is manual and that makes the profile of great quality with Logo, Cover Photo, Homepage URL, Address, About us section, Description etc
  • In the next step, we create IFTTT recipes to interlink all the properties together for auto syndication and you start getting high quality links and social signals
  • We do not stop here, after first ring is done, we create 3 additional Rings of IFTTT Recipes on next level which will be interlinked. The network will be completely optimized with done recipe.
  • We will use curated articles as a seed article in the beginning.
  • In the next step, we will power up the social media which is powering your websites. So all the network powering your website in Tier 1 will get 10000 Links from diverse platform
  • In the last step, we will build links to the social media pages on the second tier, they will be powered with 2000 links in total to boost up the recipe in Channel 1 and eventually your main website

Other Features:

  • Setting up 20+ social websites in one ring with equal number of recipes
  • All social signal/web 2.0 profiles are customized matching up your niche.
  • All accounts are SEO/Brand Optimized
  • All profile will be complete in all respect including Logo, Cover Photo, Homepage URL, Address, About us section, Description etc
  • All Accounts will be phone verified or email verified as required
  • We cover all Google properties, Facebook, Twitter
  • Powerful IFTTT Recipes
  • 100% manual process
  • Benefits of safe and long lasting backlink strategies
  • Complete report provided with login details in excel sheet


Q: Can I use my own account in Ring 1 to create branded profile surrounding the main trigger
A: If you have the social accounts ready with you, you can always provide us the login details and we will use your existing social profiles in the Ring 1 of branded social recipes.

Single Brand Ring

Single Persona Ring

3 Rings – 2 Tier

5 Rings – 2 Tier

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