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It requires an extensive research to find the keyword which helps you to get targeted traffic as well as the keyword which pays. If you are an online marketer, you need to understand the behavior of website visitors. To simplify, there are two categories: One who looks for free information and second who always keeps check in their hand to pay for your services. Their psychology also reflect on the keywords when they search over the internet and this makes Keyword Research an essential component for search engine marketing campaign. Both categories of website visitors are important and carry their own value. It depends on your website theme which determine what kind of visitors you should target for. And to target specific set of visitor, you need to understand the value of keyword which should be centered when optimizing your website.

If you build a website surrounding a keyword which sound good but there are no potential visitor who types that keyword into search engine query box, your entire planning may get damaged. You should know what people type to find relevant services, products or information. You may find the most searched keywords through Keyword tools which are freely available over the internet but to be successful in online marketing, it requires much more than that. You need to understand the ‘keywords – you can rank for’, ‘keywords-which makes the user to buy your product’ or ‘keywords- that user search to find information and subscribe to your website’.

How Keyword Research Services Helps you?

  • Targeted Traffic: You need to understand that all keywords are not same and Keyword Research Service helps you to get the targeted traffic what your online business need.
  • Quality Traffic: With proper usage of keywords mixed with LSI and Long tail keywords, your quality remains the best.
  • Mass Traffic: When you focus on keywords mixed with Long tail keywords, you get ranked for many keyword phrases and this ultimately get you more and more traffic. Remember Keyword phrases play an important drive to be successful in online business
  • Untapped Traffic: With professional Keyword Research service, you do not get only highly searched keyword but you get highly searched keyword which are not optimized by many others and it is easy for you to rank with. So you get maximum traffic at minimum effort.

How SEOtick’s Keyword Research Service is different:

  • Our research team constantly analyze the web search trend and analyze the pattern
  • Our keyword research team understand the power of customer language
  • We understand the importance of Keyword analysis for Search Engine Optimization
  • We provide detailed report of our search as well Keyword Effectiveness Index Analysis (KEI analysis)
  • Detailed analysis on strategic position of Keywords, which will help you to improve search engine ranking very easily
  • We also give detailed analysis on your competitors and strategy to beat them in search engine ranking

Professional Keyword Research Service: This service is exclusive if you have a existing website and you need to have comprehensive analysis on keywords for each pages, which will get you ranked. We give you list of keywords which you need to target for each pages.

Basic Keyword Research Service: This service is for those marketers, who wish to develop micro niche blog or website based on targeted and profitable keywords. These keywords are well researched profitable keywords and easy to get ranked. What exactly you get under this service:

  • Search volume – We target keywords with decent volume of exact local (US) keyword and much more exact global search
  • Consistent Search Count – The keyword will not be seasonal, we check the trend thoroughly and make sure that it has consistent search counts.
  • SEO Factor – We analyze SEO competition of the keyword and make sure that they are easy to rank.
  • CPC Based– If you plan to monetize your blog or website with Google Adsense, this data will come handy to you as we give you keyword with minimum $1.00+ CPC
  • Long tail keywords – We will also give you long tail keywords along with main keyword which will make your inner pages super easy to rank.
  • Exact match domain – This will be based on your preference. If you think it is easy to rank EMD, we will get you the same.

If you fail to use right keywords and keyword phrases, you will fail to get targeted high quality traffic. In addition, you will be competing against highly competitive keywords that are extremely hard to rank for.  Now, improve search engine ranking with professional keyword research service from us. You will appreciate our in-depth analysis and  strategy to beat your competitors.

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