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High PR (PR3-PR8) 100% Dofollow Blog Commenting Service

You have probably been hearing that a lot since you entered into Internet Marketing. Constantly bombarded with the phrase “Content is king.” While there is indeed some truth behind this, Great content alone does not make your online marketing a success and content is just a small portion (might be 30-35%) of the things that you need to do in order to get your business going. The bigger portion (65-70%) of your success goes to quality backlinks, which differentiates your website from others in search engine ranking (Organic traffic)

Needless to say, Backlinks from high PR pages are great to increase page rank and search engine result page. And even though most will stay permanently, we still provide 10 days replacement guarantee. All links are obtained from participating in Blog Commenting, Article discussion or submitting your URL to the page. We place your keywords as anchor texts with URLs landing on key pages. Anchor texts are surrounded by resourceful and relevant text unlike spammy looking comment, which make them work both for search engine ranking and traffic increase. Reach to the top with PR5+ links or build it gradually with PR3 or 4 links. Your backlinks will be posted on the actual page rank website (Inner Page PR). Your backlinks will be on Do Follow blogs (Posts). If you buy a PR6 backlink your link will be on an actual PR6 page.


  • 100% Guaranteed Approval
  • Guaranteed High Page Rank Backlinks
  • Resourceful and Relevant Comments
  • 10 days money back guarantee or link replacement
  • All links from Inner Page PR and do-follow links
  • Your choice of Anchor Text
  • All backlinks will come from different websites (except few plans)
  • We only use mature blog which are valued by search engines. We do not post your comments to new blogs which are yet to get indexed.

Why to use Do-follow blog comments?

  • Our do-follow comments are 20 times cheaper than buying a text link from the same PR page
  • You do not have to pay monthly or yearly charges, you pay just one time
  • These links with your Anchor Text is permanent
  • Do-follow blog comments give you one way links which is vital to improve search engine ranking
  • You get link from internal page PR unlike other services where the PR belong to Homepage and not Internal Page

Plan: Balancer
Package NameBP 1BP 2BP 3BP 4
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Service Details
PR 5 X 2
PR 4 X 2
PR 3 X 3
PR 6 X 1
PR 5 X 2
PR 4 X 5
PR 3 X 7
PR 6 X 2
PR 5 X 4
PR 4 X 6
PR 3 X 7
PR 6 X 3
PR 5 X 6
PR 4 X 2
PR 3 X 2

Plan: Striker
Package NameSP 1SP 2SP 3SP 4
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Service Details
PR 7 X 1
PR 6 X 4
PR 5 X 8
PR 4 X 3
PR 3 X 3
PR 7 X 1
PR 6 X 4
PR 5 X 8
PR 4 X 7
PR 3 X 9
PR 7 X 3
PR 6 X 7
PR 5 X 10
PR 4 X 10
PR 7 X 4
PR 6 X 6
PR 5 X 15
PR 4 X 25

Plan: Privilaged
Package NamePP 1PP 2PP 3PP 4
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Service Details
PR 7 X 7PR 3 X 50PR 7 X 4
PR 6 X 12
PR 5 X 25
PR 4 X 20
PR 3 X 20
PR 7 X 4
PR 6 X 15
PR 5 X 50
PR 4 X 50
PR 3 X 50
PR 2 X 40

Plan : SEOtick’s Exclusive
Package NameSBP 1SBP 2SBP 3SBP 4
Buy Now[wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=129] [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=130] [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=131] [wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=132]
Service DetailsPR 6 X 10PR 6 X 15PR 6 X 50PR 5 X 25
Package NameJBP 1JBP 2JBP 3JBP 4
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Service DetailsPR 5 X 50PR 5 X 100PR 4 X 50PR 4 X 100
Package NameMBP 1MBP 2MBP 3MBP 4
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Service DetailsPR 4 X 200PR 3 X 50PR 3 X 100PR 3 X 300

Package NameBUP 1BUP 2BUP 3

Service Details
250 DoFollow Comments (PR2+)500 DoFollow Comments (PR2+)1111 DoFollow Comments (PR2+)
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