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Looking for ways to get high quality EDU backlinks & GOV backlinks? All backlinks are not equal; they might be equal in counts but not in trust and authority. Edu backlinks are powerful and considered much more effective than standard links in terms of SEO. These Edu backlinks are authoritative and pass the same authority and trust to your website. To rank high in search engine, you need to build quality backlinks and quality backlinks are determined by domain trust and domain authority.

Edu backlinks and Gov backlinks are highly valued by search engines as they come from aged, trusted, Authoritative and restricted domains. These domain extensions are gives only to colleges, universities and government agencies. When you get backlinks from these websites, the trust level get passed to your website also.

If you are building link for your website, you must buy edu backlinks and gov backlinks as they will give you the most  in terms of domain trust and domain authority.

Advantages of EDU Backlinks & GOV Backlinks

  • The profile page gain the authority fast with little backlinks on them
  • Increase the trust and authority of your website
  • Get better results with less backlinks


  • We do not use Automation Tools
  • All works are manually done. We fill out every details like Profile Pictures, Bio, Interest etc
  • All of them are either profile (We do not use spam comments)
  • Optimized Anchor Text
  • Balanced DoFollow and NoFollow Ratio

Buy EDU backlinks


15 Edu Links
25 Edu/Gov Links
50 Edu/Gov Links
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