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Why Choose Us for Private High Authority Blog Post

  • The sites are hosted on premium servers, distributed over multiple hosting accounts located in different countries and different data-center
  • We do not host more than 1 website in single data center
  • They are distributed over different Class B & Class C IPs, which are spread over multiple continents
  • Different website theme and plugin configuration
  • The sites include a balance of non-commercial posts linking out to authority sites
  • All domains with double digit Domain Authority and Trust Flow
  • To ensure a natural looking link profile, we also have included a couple of blogs with less authority.

Content that is posted on these domains gets indexed real FAST. Usually in a few hours and with no spammy “nuclear” indexing services. Google values quality content on quality domains. It’s as simple as that. The emphasis here is on quality.  use this network myself to rank my own sites and that’s not something I am not going to compromise any time soon.


  • Average trust flow : 15+
  • Average DA : 15+
  • 100% Post indexing guaranteed
  • Detailed due diligence on 20+ Parameters
  • Multiple host. All server in different countries, different data center with varied B & C Class IP


  • We use quality hand written content only
  • Every blog goes through extensive due diligence.
  • We do not only check domain metrics (DA/PA/CF/DF/RD), we also do comprehensive check on Anchor, web archive screenshot and complete link profile audit from Ahrefs/Majestic/Moz.
  • We use unique Whois Data. All unique WhoIs details and in some cases with privacy protection enabled
  • Different name registrar, we use 5-6 different name registrar for domain registration
  • Unique and legit looking website just like how real blogs are maintained. Every website has its own social media presence in Facebook, twitter etc with
  • 100% guaranteed indexing of post
  • Zero footprint
  • Only one Anchor from one post, other links goes to authority web or internal link (Random). This does not make the blogs spammy.
  • Article length will vary between 400-600 words
  • The sites include a balance of non-commercial posts linking out to authority sites
  • Rich Optimized Media (Image or Video at random) are included in every post
  • We do not use single hosting to host multiple blogs. All blogs are with different server in different countries. IP block have different B and C class; even A block is unique in many domain.
  • In majority of website, various third party bot including Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs are blocked from accessing the website to safeguard the network
  • We have built each website from unique IP. While posting, we ensure that we do not use same IP for logging into 2 different websites. Call us paranoid but we use different IP to login to each of our blog
  • All links are manually drip feed

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SEOtick SEO Company Indiapbn backlinks

FAQ (Premium Blog Posts)

Q. How many links from a post
A. We do not place more than one anchor in one post. Remaining links goes to Authority web or internal links randomly

Q. How about the articles, are they manually done?
A. Yes, we use hand written articles. They are manually done.

Q. Can I have my own articles in each blog?
A. Why not?

Q. Is it permanent?
A. Yes, the links will be permanent

Q. Will the link stay in homepage forever
A. The posts are permanent and will be on the homepage for about 2 – 4 weeks. With new post in, the post will keep moving down. So your blog post will be permanent on inner pages as long as the website is there.

Q. Do I need to pay every month to keep the link alive
A. No, you need to pay only once

Q. What If I buy the service again, will my post get into the same set of Blog
A. Absolutely not. We keep track of order with website details, so when you order next time, your post will get published in new set of network

Q. Can I use Foreign Anchor
A. Yes, however the content will be in English.

Q. How many Keywords/URLs allowed?
A. We do not limit you number of keywords or URLs. We will be happy to use different Anchor and different URLs for each post, if you wish to. However the ranking power will get diluted when compared with using limited number of keywords

Q. How long it will take to see the effect in ranking
A. As we drip feed the entire job over a month period, you should start experience it within this time frame, however you should wait for another 1-2 weeks to see the impact

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