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What We Do?

We create High Quality Manual Web 2.0 websites (Upto DA 100) with unique hand written manual articles with media (image, video etc).

  • We make strategic placement of links with link to authority web + Interlinking etc.
  • Based on your niche, we use customized usernames, titles and taglines
  • We build hundreds of other web 2.0 + Social network websites to tier 1 web 2.0 using Spun articles
  • We use 301 redirect to T1 web 2.0 + 1000’s of 301 Redirect to T2 web 2.0
  • To push up the page authority and power of T1 web 2.0, we build 200+ links to each web 2.0 from diverse platform.
  • We build 10,000 links to T2 web 2.0 on Tier 3
  • We use own secret sauce using social media platform which work like a charm to increase the authority of T1 manual web 2.0
  • In the final step, we send all backlinks from T1+T2 to premium indexing service like Onehourindexing, Backlinkindexer

Manual Web 2.0 CreationManual Web 2.0 Creation_SEOtick

Silent Features

  • Manual work by our in house specialist
  • Many of these web 2.0 cannot be accessed by automated tools
  • We create About Us, Contact Us pages, Disclaimer, Privacy policy, Terms of Use etc. wherever possible
  • We fill up complete details while creating the account like avatars, bios and custom themes wherever applied
  • We use mix of VPN+proxy for each work
  • We do not use Chrome
  • We clean up the browser completely using strictly defined parameters before we start each work
  • We use Relevant media file (Image + video), wherever possible and at random
  • Usage of other content like Image Gallery, Info-graphics, videos as a post to give it a natural look
  • Sending all links to premium indexing service
  • Customized blog name, Titles, User name
  • We leave no footprints
  • Ideal Mix of Anchor, Raw URL, Brand Name, Generic Text
  • Report will contain complete details: Website : Root URL : Root Domain Metrics (DA & TF) : Output URL : Email Used : Email Password : Login User Name : Login Password

Quality Unique Spun Articles

Handwritten Articles