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Practicing SEO Since 2009!

We have worked on 100+ domain under monthly subscription between Jan 2019-July 2019 and segregated domains where we have used one specific strategy; defined linking pattern and posting intervals.

It took us anywhere between 3-6 months of sustained work to get them ranked and 80% of them had a super success.

We are proud to bring the same work to the IMG community at

One Time Price of $349

Includes 40-50+ handwritten articles of 400-600 words
———-Under 100% Result or Refund Guarantee———-

(If you do not get result in 3 months or not satisfied with work, you can claim for 100% refund under No Question Asked Policy):

(Limited for 5 orders)
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Here are some screenshots of results

Website – 1

Website – 2

Website – 3

Website – 4

Website – 5

Website – 6

Website – 7

Website – 8

Website – 9

Website – 10

Website – 11


Q: Which types of websites work better
A: The screenshot above display mix set of websites which includes Amazon Affiliates, E-commerce, Review Websites, Local Business etc. So all websites are good as long as they are not one page website.

Q: Do I get report
A: Yes, we do provide the work report, however we will keep our focus more on result, not on report.

Q. What you do not accept
A. We do have certain reservation. Please do not place order if

  • The website was ranking earlier and got penalized now
  • The website must be 3 months old; If not, It may take additional time to get the result
  • Any other restriction may be communicated at the time of order.

Q: Will you extend the work if results are not delivered
A: We are open to your suggestions. If the results are not as expected, we would be happy to extend the work, if you wish to.

What We Do

We cover wide range of websites for link building and we keep adding up more based on need. We repeat the same work as well, if the website needs it. To have an understanding, what all aspects we cover, here are some of the link types, however they may or may not be limited to only these. The reason is we also look into competition and pick up link sources from that as well :-

  • Contexual/Social Links from High Authority Website (Gdrive, Twitter, Box, Dropbox, NIMBUS, Blogger, WordPress, Gravatar, Tumblr, Diigo, Evernote, Getpocket, Weebly, Instapaper, Disqus,, Trello, Quip, Toodledo, NewsBlur etc.). Your link will be mixed with other authority link in your niche.
  • Multiple Social links from 40+ Unique Websites (e.g twitxr, papaly, cheezburger, Padlet, edocr, Minds,, sitejot, trepup, symbaloo etc)
  • Google Site (Powered with other Google properties and Social profile stacking)
  • High Quality Multiple Posts Parasites
  • 50 Blog Posts in Website with Minimum DA/TF/RD: 15+
  • Articles Posts in High Authority Website (DA: 50+)
  • Premium Press Release
  • Business Citation
  • Brand Links
  • Manual Blog Comments
  • Video & Document Sharing
  • Tumblr Network
  • Social Bookmarking
  • MicroBlogging
  • Contexual Article Submission Links
  • Web 2.0 Posts
  • Edu Links
  • Question & Answer Websites
  • Forum Discussion Links
  • Links from Petition Websites
  • Podcasting
  • Infographic and Image Sharing
  • Niche Web 2.0 Network


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