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How SEO Divine is Different?

SEO Divine is not only about link building. The service consist of multiple premium modules catering different aspects of SEO from Authority Building to Ranking. Over the last few months, our team focused to get expertise in developing a proven system that can help anyone dominate their market. We have practiced this module after spending countless hours from last 3 months and we have blended the entire process so tactfully that it makes this service to go up by several notches. The power of SEO divine combines multiple services in one place and it gets implemented in a planned and phased manner.

While we keep all modern SEO technique in the forefront, we keep the old school SEO in the back supporting the front system. So you get benefited from both.

The only thing which works in search engine ranking is how you understand the Algorithm. Unfortunately, there is no official guide to it and SEO practitioner understand it hard way either by going through series of case study and doing test on own. Testing and retesting the module costs quite a lot of time and money and you come across series of questions like:

  • Heard a lot about IFTTT recipe! How it will impact my SERP if I setup IFTTT Syndication?
  • Does web 2.0 properties still work?
  • Will I risk my website by using PBN?
  • Many expert still suggest profile link but isn’t it something which is considered spam?
  • Will Social profile links help in ranking? Or is it just for reputation management?
  • Do I still need to worry for Link Velocity?
  • Should I use Old School SEO strategies to my main website?

Finding out answers for these questions requires you to test and retest them and if needed, make some changes and test them again. We have already gone through multiple case study and tested and retested our SEO divine module for 3 months to ensure that you can concentrate on your business while we do the rest.


  • Modern SEO Technique Blended With Old School SEO
  • Great Authority Backlinks – The Best You Can Get at this Price
  • Carefully Designed Link Velocity & Diversity
  • Proven Method to Use Anchor Text and Other Keywords Ratio
  • Intelligent Use of LSI and Long Tail Keywords
  • Solid Social Signals
  • Manual Process
  • Most Affordable Rate
  • Links only from Search Engine Friendly Sources
  • Quality of the Links are Maintained with Quantity
  • Time Tested and Proven Campaign Strategy
  • Periodic Test to Measure the Effectiveness of Process


  • Increase brand exposure
  • Broaden Customer Reach
  • Drive visitors
  • Better conversion rate


Q. Do you accept all niches?
A. We do accept all niches except Adult, Pharmacy and Casino niche. Please contact us for alternate solution.

Q. Do I receive all report?
A. We believe in Transparency. How it will ensure that we have completed the job if you do not receive the report. So, we will provide complete report with all backlinks on Tier 1. For Tier 2 link, We do not provide the report as it requires quite a lot of compilation job. We execute Tier 2 after completion of tier 1 and remain in process for 4-8 weeks.

Q. How do You provide support?
A. We provide support 24X7. To manage it effectively, we have ticket system at our website and we ensure to reply ticket in a maximum of 24 hours. In case of any urgency, we are also open to discuss over messenger (Skype). But if its not urgent, preferably use ticket system.

Q. Is there a way to track the work status?
A. Yes, you can request for a partial report at the end of 2 weeks, if you need.

Q. Can I claim a refund for whatever reasons?
A. We work hard to carry each step and costs us time and money. So we can not refund, if the order has started. However we can refund on a pro-rate basis if you would like to stop the work in between within first 4 days. This will be purely on our discretion and we are under no obligation to refund after 48 hours of order.

Q. How many URLs and Keywords can be accepted?
A. We do not limit you with number of keywords/URLs, but you need to understand that most of the places, we have restriction to use multiple keywords. For example, in press release we usually use 2 Anchors + 1 link to authority website. If you use multiple URLs+Anchor, it will dilute the overall power. To get the maximum benefit, you should provide 3 main Anchor + corresponding URL. Apart from this, you can provide 10-20 Long tail keywords + LSI which can be used for Anchor diversification. If you do not have this ready, we will help you to prepare Long tail Keywords + LSI. However before we use them, we will take your approval.

Q. Can I Use this on New Website?
A. Yes, we have tested this service and we have seen the positive result on new domain too. The entire setup is structured to suit the new domain. If you are still concerned, please contact us and we will change the linking pattern to your satisfaction.

Q. Does this package also include press release?
A. No, we do not include press release service under this pack.

Q. When I can see the SERP improvement?
A. We advise you to wait for a period of 4-6 weeks after completion of work.

Q. Do you offer Rank guarantee?
A. We follow the best practice which helps you to go to the top in search. We have already tested the structure on many websites and it is proven to give a ranking boost. However there is nothing called guaranteed ranking.

Q. Do I need to Provide the content?
A. No, We do not ask you to provide the content, however you are free to do so if you wish. Otherwise, We take care of everything including creation of content, scraping and spinning of content.

Q. Can I provide my own content?
A. Yes. If you would not like to use our content and prefer to have your own, you are most welcome to provide your content and we will syndicate the same.

Q. What about non-English Keywords?
A. We accept keywords other than English. Even though articles will be in English, we will use Anchor Text in your preferred language. However we will have to skip module like press release, where we do not hold direct control. Media website will not accept English Article with foreign words in between.

Q. How safe it is?
A. We follow the best practice while building the links; also we use only manual process while doing so in the Tier 1. So it can be considered safe

Q. Do you use automation tools?
A. Most of the work can not be achieved using automation tool. We do all the work manually on Tier 1, none of them are automated.

Q. How do you create content?
A. We use our own method to create unique article which is readable and we strategically insert keyword manually. We will create 45 unique articles for this purpose.

Q. Turnaround time?
A. The turnaround time is 30 days. If you need it urgently, you can place your request and we will do on priority but not recommended by us.


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